Monday, 1 July 2013

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Things I've been Loving!

1. This is the cutest story EVER. It's like a real life fairy tale.

2. This is the most hilarious video ever! And sooooo true!

3. Is it wrong to like this so much?

4. I laughed so hard after seing this!

5. I NEED to see this because, um, Emma Watson!

6. OMG! These are adorable! I don't think I'd be able to eat them for fear of destroying the cuteness.

7. If you haven't read this book, you should. ASAP.

8. This  FREE Double Crossed pdf I was so happy to find!

9. These are so cool!

10. This intense arm workout! I plan on doing it again tonight!



Tuesday, 18 June 2013

36 Confessions

1. You may be expecting me to explain my long absence by saying I've been "super busy", but the truth is, I haven't been.

2. Over the past few weeks, I've actually written many blog posts... and then deemed them unworthy to share with you and deleted them.

3. Okay, I guess you could say I have writers block.

4. I hate my job.

5. I love money.

6. This causes a minor conundrum.

7. I have recently discovered (okay, recently admitted) that I have a problem with getting close to people. I let them in enough to think that they know me, but before they can divulge in the secrets of soul, BOOM! Walls go up, and I push them away.

8. This will ultimately lead to me living alone, an old maid with 27 cats to keep me company.

9. This fact makes me more upset than I will let on.

10. I used to dream in fairytale endings.

11. I guess I already have the damsel in distress part down.

12. Where's a knight in shining armour when you need one?

13. And while I've always been a feminist and believed that a woman shouldn't depend on a man to rescue her (I even wrote a poem on it a couple years ago), the truth is I really want someone to save me.

14. And I'm going to need a lot of it. Saving, I mean.

15. Maybe I'll share that poem with you someday.

16. I have an issue with food.

17. I like to be in complete control of what I consume, planning everything out days in advance.

18. But I spiral into a depressive state if I loose will power and eat something unhealthy or just eat too much.

19. This is an issue because I do not have the greatest will power. And because ice cream is my favourite food in the whole world.

20. My mom thinks I'm on the verge of an eating disorder.

21. This is not true.

22. I think.

23. You know how when you are feeling sad about your appearance you are supposed to pick out the things you like about yourself to make you feel better? I can't find anything I like.

24. This depresses me.

25. Books are my best friends.

26. This also depresses me.

27. I have an issue with this guy at work and I don't know what to do about it.

28. I love coffee.

29. I cried during a Glee episode and I'm not embarrassed to admit it.

30. I got Vine and then realized I don't have a life and therefore do not do anything that I can post a video about.

31. On the topic of smart phone apps, Snap Chat is really stupid.

32. Reorganizing my bookshelf has been the highlight of my week.

33. I got in a fight with my dad last night.

34. I feel pretty bad about it.

35. I told myself I was going to go to the gym tonight, but I probably wont.

36. This list has turned out way more depressing than I intended...

Monday, 20 May 2013

Choosing Sides

My friend and I have this ongoing thing where we never like the same love interest in a book. I was Team Gale, she was Team Peeta. I was Team Edward, she was Team Jacob (DISCLAIMER: This was before the movie came out because Taylor Lautner is hot and Robert Pattinson is... well, not!). She shipped Stelena and I shipped Delena. In Enna Burning by Shannon Hale I even fell for Sileph but she knew all along that (spoiler alert!) he was evil.

Once, just once, we agreed on the same character. That was in the Host, and just to be clear, we both loved Ian (duh).

But why are love triangles so popular?  

I get that they create conflict but sometimes I feel like they take over too much of the plot (cough! Twilight). And ultimately, it just sucks when the main character chooses the wrong love interest you weren't rooting for. And right there the author looses half of their fan base!

There are usually five possible situations:

1. You like the 'right' guy. Congratulations! You fell for the same guy the author had in mind the entire time. Unfortunately, you were forced to put up with the main character's relentless debating and cringe through 'romantic' scenes with the other guy. But in the end it wont matter because you will be happy... until the author decides to make the love doves terminally insane, switch point of views, or make a movie out of it and cast only one good looking actor. 

Some examples of books where I experienced this situation are Twilight, the Host, and Vampire Academy.

2. You like the 'wrong' guy (and you didn't see it coming). Sucks to be you because now you have to put up with tons of romance between the main character and the guy you don't like. And what happens to your guy once he's been rejected? You'll never find out. If you're lucky, there will be some offhand comment mentioning he ended up in district three, he's finishing his education at Stanford, or he's off "finding himself" somewhere. Might as well put the book down now and save yourself boat loads of frustration. 

A (huge) example of where this happened to me was while reading the Hunger Games.

3. You like the wrong guy, but you see it coming. By this I don't mean that you're friend already spoiled the ending for you or you saw the movie before reading the book. I mean, you're rooting for the guy who's practically the antagonist. Yikes, I know. 

This happened to me with Shatter Me. I just think Warner and Juliette bring out the best in each other. They need each other. Of course, the series hasn't ended yet so there's still a chance. But I'm like 99.9% convinced she will end up with Adam.

3. The author jerks you in every direction. You go from liking one guy, then he does something stupid and you like the other guy, but then the this guy leaves the picture and you go back to liking the first guy, and just when you think she'll finally settle down, BAM the other guy reenters and steals the main character's heart right back. What just happened? I'm confused...

Unearthly did this to me big time! At first I liked Christian then Tucker then Christian again, and then Tucker again and GAH! I couldn't even remember who I was rooting for by the end of it, I was just happy she picked someone and stuck with it! 

4. You like a guy who's not even in the running. Awkward. 

This happened to me in Legacy. London was just so amazing and it was that far of a stretch to imagine him and Alera ending up together.

5. You don't even like the main character. Um, Twilight. Just saying...

So that's why I don't really like love triangles. They cause more frustration than good and when done incorrectly, they can completely overpower the plot. And yes, by saying that I am implying there is correct way to pull off a love triangle. Take Hourglass by Myra McEntire or Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead for example. Both of the authors managed to create some tension in the form of a love triangle, while not letting it take over the entire storyline. They also didn't conveniently brush off the other love interest. In fact, Myra McEntire switched to Keith's POV for the second book and gave him his own love interest. And Richelle Mead even put Adrian in her spin off series, Bloodlines, which is about Sydney Sage (AH! I ship Adrian and Sydney so hard!). Although I admit to being sceptical at first, I found it to be an excellent tactic for everyone because now people who liked Adrian/Keith get more of them and people who didn't like them at first (i.e. me) get to see them grow and develop as characters and learn to love them too.

Here's a list of some more of the love interests I liked for popular books:

Twilight - Edward 
Hunger Games - Gale
The Host - Ian
Delirium - Alex
Throne of Glass - Dorian
Starcrossed - Lucas
Shatter Me - Warner
The Selection - Maxon
Hourglass - Michael
Vampire Academy - Dimitri
Unearthly - Tucker
Airhead - Christopher
Heist Society - Hale
The Tiger Saga - Kishan
The Diviners - Sam
Firelight - Will
Legacy - London
Clarity - Gabriel
The Steampunk Chronicles - Griffin
Fire - Brigan
Die For Me - Vincent
Bloodlines - Adrian
Mortal Instruments - Jace
The Infernal Devices - Will
And I will forever be:

- Dare ;)

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

On My Life Right Now

Hullo darlings! :)

I thought you all deserved an update on my wonderfully fabulous life, cause, you know, you care.

And I love you for it! <3

And I know I've so overused the whole list thing, buuuuuuut I'm going to do it again anyways because I like lists and I don't care! :)

1. Oh gosh, now I don't know where to start! Ok, how about with where a spend a majority of my time: WORK. My bosses are super chill and really awesome and I like my job... usually. Occasionally a co-worker may spill blue pool cleaner in my hair, I now hate the song Wagon Wheel because it plays twenty times a day on the station we listen too, and often sometimes the customers are downright rude and obnoxious (No, it's not my fault that vinyl in the repair kit is clear not blue so please don't yell at me at me. No, I cannot change the price of chlorine for you. And I got a C- in chemistry so please don't argue with me about pH and alkalinity because I DON'T KNOW). But all in all, it's a good job with good hours meaning good $$. (And there are some nice customers too!)

2. On another work related topic: My boss's feelings towards me confuse me. Well, just one. The BIG boss. Like, the guy who owns the place. Here's my deal: people like me. They just do. I am friendly, and therefore people I meet generally like me... until proven otherwise. I am not used to people not liking me (unless I don't like them back) and it bother's me to no end! What did I do to make them not like me and how can I fix it so they do like me!? There are two girls and they like me, one middle man, and he is indifferent towards me (which still bother's me but whatever). But the big boss sometimes seems like he likes me and sometimes he doesn't. So how am I supposed to know if I should keep doing what I'm doing or if I need to change to be more ... likable? Maybe I should bake cupcakes or something so he likes me... do I have a problem? Okay don't answer that.

3. This is another work(ish) topic so bear with me. The big boss is really good looking. And he's only in his twenties so don't look at me like that! I'm not creepy. He's got a cute, boy-ish face, but he is fit, muscular but not like steroids-buff, and really tan. He wears really nice jeans though, that fit perfectly (or not so perfectly, I guess, depending on how you look at it) ... which could also mean he's gay. His eyes though, are his best feature. They are like liquid pools of amber and I want them ! Okay, maybe I'm a little bit creepy...

4. I got a gym membership! Yay! I know I said I wasn't going to because they are pretty expensive but then my friend brought me in for a free trial and I loved it so much I stayed! Now's I'm going to bring some more of my friends to the gym and we can all work out together! :)

5. So one of my friends (the one who brought me to the gym) is trying to reconnect me with a previous friend of mine... but this friend basically stabbed me in the back last summer when I got in a fight with a mutual friend of ours and that mutual friend told all of our other friends that if they wanted to stay friends with her they couldn't be friends with me. And everyone chose her. Even some people who I considered my best friends, like the girl my gym friend is trying to get me to hang out with again. Even though my gym friend doesn't know about last summer at all. Gah! If you could decipher any of that please give me some advice! I don't know what to do and right now, I am going out to a sports bar with  both of them on friday!

6. I have herby decided that my all-time favourite song will henceforth be She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5. No matter what songs I like for a period of time, this is the one I always come back to. Always.

7. But um, on the subject of music, have you heard Demi Lovato's new album? Cause it is AWESOME! I love Demi so much! <3 

8. And this Avril Lavigne song has also been playing non-stop in my head. I love Avril. Always have, always will! 

9. Don't hate me, but I only just watched Rise of the Guardians... BUT OMG I FRIGGING LOVED IT! The Feels! I don't know why, but I have such strong emotions when it comes to the name Jack. Like, if I met someone tall, dark, and handsome with the name Jack, I would marry him. So needless to say, I loved this movie! Gah, so much! I also feel like Jack Frost's character was just so perfectly portrayed! And I have a slight hero complex... oh well!

10. BTW, I passed physics!!!!! <Commence Celebratory Dance Party> 

11. Books are awesome (but you already knew this). I just missed reading so much I can't help but drown myself in literature. But since I work 9am to 6pm practically everyday, I'm usually up late and exhausted in the morning. But books are worth it.

12. For your entertainment, here are some awful photos I found of myself on my computer. I clearly have way too much time on my hands.

And now that those unflattering pictures of me are on the internet for all to see, I think it's time to call it a wrap!

But guaranteed I will think of something else I wanted to tell you tomorrow morning and have to make a new list! 

It's a wonder you all put up with me.

-Dare <3

Monday, 13 May 2013

Macaroni Crowns and Bacon Ice Cream!

Yes, I know Mother's Day was yesterday (in North America... I just found out the UK has a different Mother's Day! What!) but I was too busy yesterday having fun with my mom. I still really wanted to tell you about my day because it was pretty awesome, which was a surprise. A good surprise, don't get me wrong. But a surprise none the less. 

Past mother's days have always been touchy topics for me. For two reasons, 1) my relationship with my mom has always been pretty rocky (working on rectifying that though!) and 2) my parents don't get along, but they are not divorced and still live under the same roof. 

My dad was in Toronto visiting family this past weekend though, which could be the reason my mom was in such a good mood. 

Anyways, my brother and I did the whole breakfast in bed thing, like always, with the homemade cards and small gifts (I got her a travel mug because she has this habit of leaving the house with a mug of coffee and not realizing).

When you were little did you give your mom coupons for presents? Like: I'll wash the dishes, or twenty free hugs. Well I did, and yesterday my mom finally redeemed a rather weird one that said "Redeem for one free handmade Macaroni Crown". 

Unfortunately, we didn't have any macaroni so I had to make due with penne. I think it turned out quite nicely! So did my mom ;)

After church, we went downtown to this little deli called the Piggy Market which had really good sandwiches and, get this, homemade dark chocolate BACON ice cream! It was so good! I mean, obviously. Bacon, chocolate and ice cream are my favourite foods, why wouldn't I expect them to make a delicious combination? We decided that it was going to be our new Mother's Day tradition! Don't you love it when new traditions are born?

We also ended up going out to dinner later at this really good Vietnamese place and on our way there we saw the brightest double rainbow ever! And you could see both ends! It was so pretty and I wish I could show you a picture but they are on my mom's phone which I don't know how to work :P

I'm really glad that my mom and I are getting along better now. I've started to treat her more like a friend and less of a parental figure. We still have our moments, but things are ... better. I hope things get even better as I get older!

Hope you all had a lovely day too! 

Dare :)

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Why, Hello There Summer!

Is is just Canada, or did Mother Nature completely skip over spring every where else too? It was like, dreary and snowy and then BAM! 27 degrees (Celsius) outside, sunny, and I've even got a sun tan! Don't get me wrong, I love the summer, but I just feel like spring was neglected. I like spring weather, where you can smell the snow melting and the rejuvenation of nature. It's just so calming and a nice was to ease into the summer heat. But whatever, I'm not complaining about the heat, it's ten million times better than winter.

Since the weather was nice enough, I decided to take my beautiful camera out of hibernation! Yay! It deserved some TLC and since my mother is always badgering me to takes pictures of our barn I took my favourite model (my dog, Wesley) and went to work.

Let me explain the whole barn thing. No, I do not live on a farm, though occasionally we get chickens and sheep and sometimes goats on our property. But that's only because I live next to a farm. The people who own the farm used to own a lot of property including my family's. Our house is close enough to the original owner's that an old barn foundation was left on our property. I call it "the Ruins" and it makes an excellent background for photography.

Here's a collaboration of some of the barn pics I just took and some of the ones I took last summer.

Other than pretending to be a photographer, what have I been doing? Working! Tomorrow is my first day off in like a week and I'm pleasantly surprised to tell you that I actually like my job! :)

I've also been catching up on my reading but unfortunately, I've been quite disappointed with the books I've read so far. Even Daughter of Smoke and Bone which I was really excited to read because I'd heard it was really good. :( 

Here are some songs I've been listening to lately, you should check them out!

These boys are better looking than One Direction, I swear!

I was really happy to find out she could sing and wasn't just another Disney star with a microphone shoved in her hand and heavily auto-tuned.

Demi Lovato will forever hold my heart!

This song is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

Ok, enough photo and music video spam! I will talk to you later and I hope I have something more exciting to talk about! :)

Sunday, 28 April 2013


I just read three amazing books since I've been home and I am so in the mood to gush but no one around here (my fam) will listen! :( If I can even get one word out about my books, their eyes instantly glaze over and I know they aren't really listening to a word I say! It's so very frustrating!

Especially when I'm just bursting at the seams with excitement and nervousness and anticipation and all those other feelings you get when you finish a really good book! Love? Does love count? Is is possible to be in love with a book? Cause if so I totally am!

You guys don't mind, do you? I'll do my best not to give away any spoilers (but it will be hard).

So first I read Also Known As by Robin Benway

It's about a girl with a natural gift of safe-cracking who is raised as an international spy. She receives her first individual assignment which involves going to high school for the first time and befriending a totally cute guy! Check out the Goodreads link above for more info! I love spy books! Who doesn't? There is something so appealing about being a spy. The secrets, the gadgets, the elusiveness, and the overall bad ass-ness! I loved the main character, Maggie. She was witty and sarcastic, basically the perfect combination for a teen spy. The plot was good, however found it was just missing that little ... oomph! which is all that's keeping me from giving it a five on five stars. It's still a very good book, and if you love espionage, I suggest you pick it up!

Next on my list is a biggie! I'd been waiting until I finished school to read it so I could fully enjoy it by reading it all in one sitting! OMG, I just cannot wait to gush about this book: Perfect Scoundrels by Ally Carter!

I thought it couldn't get any better than Heist Society. And then I was sure nothing could beat Uncommon Criminals. But Ally Carter has outdone herself, yet again, with Perfect Scoundrels. It's amazing, nail-bitting, heart-crushing, beautiful, and just ... perfect! All at the same time. Ally Carter, how do you create such works of art? I guess if I had to choose between being a spy and being a thief, I would choose thief. As long as I was a good thief, like Kat. I don't know if I can talk about this book much more without giving too much away, but I will say this. One thing I loved loved loved LOVED, was the development of the Kat-Hale relationship in this book. In the other two books, I just felt it was an awkward, I like you, you like me kind of this but there is much more focus on the two in instalment. If you haven't read this series, DO IT. And if by some wrong, twist of fate, you have never even touched an Ally Cater book, DO IT NOW. And then read the Gallagher Girls series. :)

What can I say about The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead other than it was AWESOME!

It was just so... GAH! And then OMG! But the ending, oh the ending! It was so perfect. Except then... askjklsdjlkhg! All I can say is if you love books that are action packed and suspenseful with some romance thrown in for good measure, you'll love the Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead. The Indigo Spell is the third book in this series, but even before that, there was another series called Vampire Academy which if you have not read, you absolutely have to. I know you are probably thinking it's a risk because so many vampire books turn out to be flops or just way to complicated to follow, but this one is not like that at all! I promise! 

In other news, I still have not unpacked (yikes!) and I got a job (yay!). I start tomorrow and I'm kinda really nervous! Wish me luck!

-Dare :)

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Dare's Tips For Surviving First Year

Well guys, I have completed my first year of university, and I lived to tell the tale! To say it was a challenge would be an understatement. Don't get me wrong! I had some great times this year and I can honestly tell you it was a great experience! But... there were some struggles and some difficulties that I had to overcome. I hope that I haven't scared you in previous posts by complaining about how hard university is. I'm just a very dramatic person! In retrospect, your university/college experience will be whatever you make of it. Here are some helpful tips I have learned along the way that will help you to make the best of time in your first year of post-secondary education. 

1) Stay in residence your first year. I know this is a personal decision that could take in many different factors, but I highly recommend you stay in residence your first year. Most of the friends I made were on my floor. It's different for every person, but I think that as long as you make an effort to be friendly and welcoming, other people will too, and your bound to make friends! Just remember, everyone there is as nervous as you are about making friends. 

I admit that there were times when I hated living in residence. It was small and crowded, and I had to share a 5-stall, 3-shower co-ed bathroom with 28 other people but when I look back, I wouldn't have met all the people I did if I wasn't in residence.

2) Participate in orientation/frosh activities. This is a biggie. Whether or not you decide to stay in residence, you absolutely have to participate in orientation week. Because a) it is your first opportunity to explore the campus and know your way around, b) it's another good way to make friends (especially if you are not living in residence), and c) it's your time to show your school spirit! 

Lots of schools pride themselves on their school spirit and traditions. I nearly lost my voice during my frosh week from cheering so much. There were football games, a carnival, coverall painting, concerts, dances, rolling in the dirt, and free stuff. Can't forget about the free stuff!

3) Stay organized. Okay, we're on to the educational stuff now. Things can get pretty hectic with classes and it can overwhelm you very easily. Get an agenda or a day planner where you can write things down like test dates and assignments (Proffs might not tell you these exact dates in class, so be sure to check the class's website frequently). On top of that, be organized with your notes. If you have neat handwriting, keep organized notebooks/binders. If not (or if you simply prefer it), use your laptop and have specific folders for each class. And remember to write the date on every note! 

4) Don't freak out if you don't like a class. This was difficult for me to accept, but it's okay to switch classes. Look at me! I'm switching to a completely different program! If it's too late in the year to switch, that's okay too. You can stick it out for the rest of the class and take something different next year. 

5) Be educated on your meal-plan. Meal plans are complicated. There are so many different rules and restrictions, that it can sometimes be easy to mess up and be out of meals for the week! Ooops! I even knew some people who had used up all their meals for the year way before school ended. It really depends on how your school does meal plans, but I recommend getting the biggest meal plan option offered, even if you don't think you're going to eat that much.

6) Scope out the places to eat on campus. On the topic of food, it's a good idea to check out all the cafeterias and restaurants that will take your meal card. I went over half the year without discovering this amazing salad bar that I absolutely loved, and I'm kicking myself for not taking full advantage of that.

7) Explore the library. So I know that many of you are probably like me and consider the public library a second home. However, school libraries can be very intimidating. I highly recommend you do a little exploring and find a room in the library that suits you, and spend a little time after class everyday, or even every second day, doing some work in the library. This will get to comfortable with the atmosphere and you'll get a ton of work done. Even if you think you can work in your room, trust me, you wont. The internet is way to appealing.

8) Get comfortable with the gym. Even if you're not an exercise person (like I wasn't), become one (like I did). I'm serious. The gym is a great way to blow off stress and even if you hate exercising, you feel great afterwards (I speak from experience). The gym became my happy place because it was somewhere I could go where I wasn't technically procrastinating because it was healthy... but I technically wasn't doing work either. A good compromise. 

If you're interested, the gym at your school will most likely offer some great fitness classes and programs. I got involved in one called Turbo Kick, which is basically the love child of kick boxing and dance. These are a really fun way to hang out with your friends and to get a great work out too!

9) Don't forget to take some "Me Time". This may seem like an overused cliche, but I'm serious. In the hustle and bustle of a fast-paced university life, you can easily forget to take care of yourself too. Take some time to read, watch a movie, go for ice cream, or paint your nails every once in a while. Don't procrastinate and leave your work to the last minutes, but don't get to caught up in it either. Take a breather to de-stress your life and do something for your self. It's a mental health thing.

10) Don't panic. It's easy to freak out if you get a bad grade, but don't worry about it too much because it's not the end of the world. Just make the necessary improvements to do better next time. Something I really regret about this past year is that I spent most of it worrying. Learn from my mistakes!

I hope this gives you guys a little bit of an idea about what university/college is like (if you haven't already experienced it for yourself yet) and I really hope you find these tips useful. Just remember it's a learning experience and I time for you to grow as a person. I'm not trying to be one of those people who tell you "This is where you'll find yourself/your place in life" cause the truth is, you may not. I sure didn't! What I'm trying to tell you is to make the most of your university/college experience and to enjoy it. If you put the effort in, your sure to have a great time!

-Dare :)

Monday, 22 April 2013


So there are a few things I need to scramble together in today's post, so hang tight and please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times!

Numero Uno: You may have noticed by now, but this is a different font. Yes, this is Helvetica. Why did I change my font, you may be asking. Well, because everyone gets bored of Times New Roman some times! (And, truthfully, because I finally figured out what all the buttons do at the top when I was fiddling around trying to fix that stupid white box that appeared in my last post.)

Dos: A BIG BIG hug to everyone who wished my luck on my physics exam! It really helped. Also, I have a new lucky sweater to go along with my lucky socks. 

Tres: For my job interview which is on thursday, I need to have a two minute speech prepared on any topic I like so they can evaluate my public speaking skills. OMG! I need your help deciding what to write about. I need to be something I'm passionate about so I can do a good job but these are the only things I'm passionate about:

- Good books
- Jennifer Lawrence
- Disney movies
- Harry Potter
- Hating Twilight

But um, which of those is going to impress my possible future-employers??? Although, once in grade eleven, I wrote a kick-ass essay on why Harry Potter is Better than Twilight. And I got a really good mark on it too! Plus my teacher hadn't read either series so wasn't biased at all. Proudest moment of my life... no big deal. 

Cuatro: I have been meaning to tell you this for a while, but somehow it just slipped my mind completely until now! I have an Instagram!!! This is where I post my amateur photography like:

If you also have an IG you can follow me @if_i_dare and I will follow you back if you post your username in the comments below! :) 

Cinco: Contrary to what you might believe based on my wonderful counting skills, I don't speak a lick of spanish! :P

Whatever 'six' is in spanish: I thought you might like to know, but the whole time I was writing this post, I had Fergalicious playing in my head. You at the beginning when the rapper guy goes "Uno, dos, tres, cuatro!" and then the song starts playing? Yeah... I'm not weird at all.

Love you all!

- Dare

Saturday, 20 April 2013

In the Lime Light

Another award!? Oh my goodness you guys, I really am starting to feel like Jennifer Lawrence!

This award is called the Shine On Award and I'd like to give a HUGE thank you to Jessica from Written Paintings! :) Go check out her blog! It's amazing!

*Link back to the person who nominated you
*Post the badge on your blog
*Answer the questions posed.
*Nominate five bloggers who shine a light on your day and notify them.
*Issue some questions you'd like them to answer.
Step 1: Answer Questions

1. Do you ever listen to music that's not in English?
Does the french part of Lady Marmalade count?

2. Do you watch anime, or would you be willing to give it a chance?
I used to watch Pokemon and Sailor Moon like, hardcore.

3. What's your Favorite TV show, Anime, or Cartoon?
Phineas and Ferb, hands down, the awesomest show ever.

4. Do you ever read poetry?
Yeah, I love some good poetry. But nothing fluffy, it should have depth and meaning.

5. What are your thoughts on Pokémon?
(see question 2)

6. Do you own a/multiple gaming devices, and if so, which ones?
My first video game device I got was a Game Boy Advance. Then I got a DS but when my brother's broke, I gave him mine. And then he broke mine...

7. Is it possible that we could be in the Matrix or a similar program of control?

Step 2: Nominations

Caroline Eliza Fashion and Beauty
Helena from In a Few Nutshells

Step 3: My Questions for the Nominees

1. If a movie was being made of your life and you could choose the actor/actress to play you, who would you choose and why?
2. What is your favourite dessert?
3. If there were a holiday in your honor what would it celebrate?
4. You are planning the most awesome dinner party of your life. Which 3 celebrities/historical figures (past or present) would you add to your guest list to keep the dinner talk interesting?
5. If you could live anywhere for one year, all expenses paid, where would you live?

-Have Fun!

Friday, 19 April 2013

Liebster Award 2.0

Oh wow! I have been nominated for Liebster award again! I am honoured you guys! I feel like Jennifer Lawrence right now, seriously.

She's so awesome. My number one girl crush. Without a doubt.

Right, back on topic!

So I was actually nominated by two people for this award so I decided to go ahead and do them both at the same time. So bear with me, this may be a long post. Plus, I'm going to cheat a bit, because I don't know if you noticed, but eleven is a rather large number!

First off, I'd like to thank Treskie from Occasional Randomness and Becky in Blue from Teen Reviews for nominating me for this wonderful award! I highly recommend you check out their blogs because they are AWESOME!

Now I post 11 random facts about myself: (Be warned, I'm slightly over-tired and hyped up on caffeine)

1. I always type 'myslef' instead of 'myself' by accident and have to go back and fix it. Every time.

2. I'm listening to some good old Xtina right now. And rocking out. "Sweet, sugar candyman!"

3. I have a physics exam tomorrow.

4. I'm going to fail it.

5. In an attempt to pass, I will be wearing my lucky socks, my lucky necklace, and my friend's lucky necklace.

6. Yes, I have lucky socks. But don't worry, I wash them.

7. Is it number eleven yet?

8. I got a job interview today! It's for this historical landmark in my town and if I get the job, I get to wear and "Period Costume".

9. No, a "period costume" is not hair up, hair up, all-grey sweat suit complete with ice cream and Midol. It basically means I get to dress like Anne of Green Gables.

10. Speaking of Anne of Green Gables, I finally finished reading Pride and Prejudice!

11. Now that I think about it, those two things don't have much in common. But, well... whatever.

On two part two!

First I will answer the questions from Becky in Blue:

1)      If you were trapped on a desert island what 3 things would you take and why?
A book - gotta have something to do to pass the time.
My journal - I don't go anywhere without it.
Sunscreen - Don't want to get a burn!

2)     What is the most beautiful song you have ever heard and why?
Feels Like Home - by Chantal Kreviazuk. This song has a very personal backstory for me. When I was in grade eleven, me and twenty other students went to live in the Domincan Republic with local families for a week and we brought donations that we spent all year fundraising. This was our theme song for the trip. It was an irreplaceable, eye-opening experience and I can't listen to this song anymore without crying.

3)     What would you say your best feature/personality trait is?
Tricky. I don't think I can't find anything that really stands out :P

4)     Who/what is your biggest inspiration and why?
Meg Cabot - reading Code Name Cassandra for the first time inspired me to become an author. Plus, she originally went to school for illustration, not writing, and is still very successful.

5)     What do you want to be when you’re older?
An author. 

6)     What’s your favourite chocolate bar?
Any dark chocolate!

7)     Would you rather be rich or happy and why?
Happy, because then I'd be rich with happiness and is there any better way to be?

8)     What’s your favourite quote?
So many hard questions! How do I just pick one? 
"If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world.” C.S. Lewis

9)     What was the best moment of your life so far and why?
I don't think I've had any yet :( Oh well, must mean there's plenty in store for me!

10)  If you could go back to an era of history where would you go and why?
The 1920's. Flappers, speakeasies, the glitz, the glamour! Need I say more?

11)   What’s your favourite thing in your wardrobe and why?
My flapper dress. See above.

And now I will answer the questions from Treskie:

1.) What brand of computer are you using? 
Macbook Air :) 

2.) If you go outside, take the first star on your right and then go straight on 'til morning, where will you end up?

3.) How would you handle a pickpocket?
I'd pickpocket him/her right back. Like Kat in Uncommon Criminals. 

4.) Do you like cowboys-- meaning cowboys from the Old West. 
I've never really had a thing for cowboys. Unless you count Jesse from the Mediator series by Meg Cabot (but he'd probably be offended if you did).

5.) Do you know what the "big blue" looks like?
I'm not sure...

6.) What's you're 'go to' style for your hair?

7.) Have you ever wanted to be a voice for a character in an animated Disney movie?
OH MY GOODNESS YES! Can you say dream job!?

8.) What's the first thing you think when someone says, "Let's get down to business"?

FAVOURITE MOVIE EVER! I AM NOT KIDDING YOU! SORRY (NOT SORRY) FOR THE CAPS!  One time, I made a list of disney princes based on their hotness and overall awesomeness. Shang trumped all the other guys. I would probably marry him.

9.) What do you say when someone sneezes?
Bless you. (Unfortunately, I'm boring like that.)

10.) What's your favorite smell?
Vanilla. But real vanilla, not that chemically fake stuff.

11.) Why do you think girls find British boys more attractive than American boys?

I think it has to do with the accent. Personally, if they were a nice guy, I wouldn't care how their voice sounds or where they come from!

PHEW! That was tough! 

Now for the fun part! I tag people and ask THEM eleven questions!

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Question Time!

1) What is your typical Starbucks/Tim Hortons/any other coffee shop order?
2) What's the weather like where you are right now?
3) Who is your number one celebrity girl crush?
4) Do you have any lucky items? If so what are they?
5) If you could marry a Disney prince/character who would it be and why?
6) If you could have either Anne Shirley's or Elizabeth Bennet's life, whose would you choose and why?
7) If you were given a boat, what would you name it? Why?
8) If you hosted a talk show, what would it be about?
9) What is the weirdest food you've eaten?
10) Is the glass half empty, or half full? What's in the glass?
11) 2%, 1%, skim, or (gag!) whole milk?


P.S. Wish me luck tomorrow on my exam! I'm going to need it :S