Sunday, 5 May 2013

Why, Hello There Summer!

Is is just Canada, or did Mother Nature completely skip over spring every where else too? It was like, dreary and snowy and then BAM! 27 degrees (Celsius) outside, sunny, and I've even got a sun tan! Don't get me wrong, I love the summer, but I just feel like spring was neglected. I like spring weather, where you can smell the snow melting and the rejuvenation of nature. It's just so calming and a nice was to ease into the summer heat. But whatever, I'm not complaining about the heat, it's ten million times better than winter.

Since the weather was nice enough, I decided to take my beautiful camera out of hibernation! Yay! It deserved some TLC and since my mother is always badgering me to takes pictures of our barn I took my favourite model (my dog, Wesley) and went to work.

Let me explain the whole barn thing. No, I do not live on a farm, though occasionally we get chickens and sheep and sometimes goats on our property. But that's only because I live next to a farm. The people who own the farm used to own a lot of property including my family's. Our house is close enough to the original owner's that an old barn foundation was left on our property. I call it "the Ruins" and it makes an excellent background for photography.

Here's a collaboration of some of the barn pics I just took and some of the ones I took last summer.

Other than pretending to be a photographer, what have I been doing? Working! Tomorrow is my first day off in like a week and I'm pleasantly surprised to tell you that I actually like my job! :)

I've also been catching up on my reading but unfortunately, I've been quite disappointed with the books I've read so far. Even Daughter of Smoke and Bone which I was really excited to read because I'd heard it was really good. :( 

Here are some songs I've been listening to lately, you should check them out!

These boys are better looking than One Direction, I swear!

I was really happy to find out she could sing and wasn't just another Disney star with a microphone shoved in her hand and heavily auto-tuned.

Demi Lovato will forever hold my heart!

This song is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

Ok, enough photo and music video spam! I will talk to you later and I hope I have something more exciting to talk about! :)


  1. Yeah, I noticed the same thing; it's been sooooo hot. And so suddenly! Personally, I like cooler weather, so this was a bit of a shock to my system :P BUT, it means I can wear my "summer" lace shirts!

    1. Yes! Summer attire is definitely a plus! :)

  2. At the moment I wouldn't mind if spring was skipped here, because I just want some warmth. But spring is such a nice season and it is sad when it is skipped.

    I love your pictures! They are very pretty.

  3. I know the feeling. Here we didn't have a very cold winter, it was kind of like an advanced fall season and then bam! 29 degrees for weeks!!! It's been so weird since sometimes it is freaking hot with a burning sun and next day it is raining and chilling haha.
    Great post and pics!