Monday, 13 May 2013

Macaroni Crowns and Bacon Ice Cream!

Yes, I know Mother's Day was yesterday (in North America... I just found out the UK has a different Mother's Day! What!) but I was too busy yesterday having fun with my mom. I still really wanted to tell you about my day because it was pretty awesome, which was a surprise. A good surprise, don't get me wrong. But a surprise none the less. 

Past mother's days have always been touchy topics for me. For two reasons, 1) my relationship with my mom has always been pretty rocky (working on rectifying that though!) and 2) my parents don't get along, but they are not divorced and still live under the same roof. 

My dad was in Toronto visiting family this past weekend though, which could be the reason my mom was in such a good mood. 

Anyways, my brother and I did the whole breakfast in bed thing, like always, with the homemade cards and small gifts (I got her a travel mug because she has this habit of leaving the house with a mug of coffee and not realizing).

When you were little did you give your mom coupons for presents? Like: I'll wash the dishes, or twenty free hugs. Well I did, and yesterday my mom finally redeemed a rather weird one that said "Redeem for one free handmade Macaroni Crown". 

Unfortunately, we didn't have any macaroni so I had to make due with penne. I think it turned out quite nicely! So did my mom ;)

After church, we went downtown to this little deli called the Piggy Market which had really good sandwiches and, get this, homemade dark chocolate BACON ice cream! It was so good! I mean, obviously. Bacon, chocolate and ice cream are my favourite foods, why wouldn't I expect them to make a delicious combination? We decided that it was going to be our new Mother's Day tradition! Don't you love it when new traditions are born?

We also ended up going out to dinner later at this really good Vietnamese place and on our way there we saw the brightest double rainbow ever! And you could see both ends! It was so pretty and I wish I could show you a picture but they are on my mom's phone which I don't know how to work :P

I'm really glad that my mom and I are getting along better now. I've started to treat her more like a friend and less of a parental figure. We still have our moments, but things are ... better. I hope things get even better as I get older!

Hope you all had a lovely day too! 

Dare :)


  1. Sounds like relationship with my Mum is a good, and I treat her more like a friend than a parent, as you were saying. Hopefully the road to glory will continue for the fabulous Dare...
    HG :p

    1. I think that's the key to healthy, happy relationships. Of course... I spoke to soon and now my mother's mad at me :(