Wednesday, 15 May 2013

On My Life Right Now

Hullo darlings! :)

I thought you all deserved an update on my wonderfully fabulous life, cause, you know, you care.

And I love you for it! <3

And I know I've so overused the whole list thing, buuuuuuut I'm going to do it again anyways because I like lists and I don't care! :)

1. Oh gosh, now I don't know where to start! Ok, how about with where a spend a majority of my time: WORK. My bosses are super chill and really awesome and I like my job... usually. Occasionally a co-worker may spill blue pool cleaner in my hair, I now hate the song Wagon Wheel because it plays twenty times a day on the station we listen too, and often sometimes the customers are downright rude and obnoxious (No, it's not my fault that vinyl in the repair kit is clear not blue so please don't yell at me at me. No, I cannot change the price of chlorine for you. And I got a C- in chemistry so please don't argue with me about pH and alkalinity because I DON'T KNOW). But all in all, it's a good job with good hours meaning good $$. (And there are some nice customers too!)

2. On another work related topic: My boss's feelings towards me confuse me. Well, just one. The BIG boss. Like, the guy who owns the place. Here's my deal: people like me. They just do. I am friendly, and therefore people I meet generally like me... until proven otherwise. I am not used to people not liking me (unless I don't like them back) and it bother's me to no end! What did I do to make them not like me and how can I fix it so they do like me!? There are two girls and they like me, one middle man, and he is indifferent towards me (which still bother's me but whatever). But the big boss sometimes seems like he likes me and sometimes he doesn't. So how am I supposed to know if I should keep doing what I'm doing or if I need to change to be more ... likable? Maybe I should bake cupcakes or something so he likes me... do I have a problem? Okay don't answer that.

3. This is another work(ish) topic so bear with me. The big boss is really good looking. And he's only in his twenties so don't look at me like that! I'm not creepy. He's got a cute, boy-ish face, but he is fit, muscular but not like steroids-buff, and really tan. He wears really nice jeans though, that fit perfectly (or not so perfectly, I guess, depending on how you look at it) ... which could also mean he's gay. His eyes though, are his best feature. They are like liquid pools of amber and I want them ! Okay, maybe I'm a little bit creepy...

4. I got a gym membership! Yay! I know I said I wasn't going to because they are pretty expensive but then my friend brought me in for a free trial and I loved it so much I stayed! Now's I'm going to bring some more of my friends to the gym and we can all work out together! :)

5. So one of my friends (the one who brought me to the gym) is trying to reconnect me with a previous friend of mine... but this friend basically stabbed me in the back last summer when I got in a fight with a mutual friend of ours and that mutual friend told all of our other friends that if they wanted to stay friends with her they couldn't be friends with me. And everyone chose her. Even some people who I considered my best friends, like the girl my gym friend is trying to get me to hang out with again. Even though my gym friend doesn't know about last summer at all. Gah! If you could decipher any of that please give me some advice! I don't know what to do and right now, I am going out to a sports bar with  both of them on friday!

6. I have herby decided that my all-time favourite song will henceforth be She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5. No matter what songs I like for a period of time, this is the one I always come back to. Always.

7. But um, on the subject of music, have you heard Demi Lovato's new album? Cause it is AWESOME! I love Demi so much! <3 

8. And this Avril Lavigne song has also been playing non-stop in my head. I love Avril. Always have, always will! 

9. Don't hate me, but I only just watched Rise of the Guardians... BUT OMG I FRIGGING LOVED IT! The Feels! I don't know why, but I have such strong emotions when it comes to the name Jack. Like, if I met someone tall, dark, and handsome with the name Jack, I would marry him. So needless to say, I loved this movie! Gah, so much! I also feel like Jack Frost's character was just so perfectly portrayed! And I have a slight hero complex... oh well!

10. BTW, I passed physics!!!!! <Commence Celebratory Dance Party> 

11. Books are awesome (but you already knew this). I just missed reading so much I can't help but drown myself in literature. But since I work 9am to 6pm practically everyday, I'm usually up late and exhausted in the morning. But books are worth it.

12. For your entertainment, here are some awful photos I found of myself on my computer. I clearly have way too much time on my hands.

And now that those unflattering pictures of me are on the internet for all to see, I think it's time to call it a wrap!

But guaranteed I will think of something else I wanted to tell you tomorrow morning and have to make a new list! 

It's a wonder you all put up with me.

-Dare <3


  1. Work stuff.... I do not know O.O No job yet for Jessica. And don't worry about the creepy thing, that's not bad at all... My friend is "in love" with a 32 yr old guy, and I have had fantasies of making out with the afore mentioned friend, so the creepy factor there is right off the scale.
    Friend stuff... Even worse topic for my advice! After ruining my own friendships, I don't really want to be responsible for ruining yours...
    RISE OF THE GUARDIANS IS AWESOME. Amazing. Jaaaaaaaaaaaack. he is soooo saaaaaaaaaaaad.

    1. Lol :P
      And yes, he's sad, but I love him!


    I have never been in a situation where a friend has backstabbed me.... I only have a select few, and they're brilliant, so I have no idea what to say. I do know that forgiveness is the first start to happiness, I know that personally, so that might be a way to repair said friendship. :D

    Awkward work place. That is all. lol. :D

    1. Well I had select few, which then grew into a big group which is when chaos erupted and everything went downhill for me :P But now I have only a elect few friends again and things are good :)
      Plus I have my internet friends! ;) <3

  3. haha you look amazing :)
    I love so much maroon 5!!

  4. Have you tried telling this gym friend person what happened last summer?.... I'm not exactly an agony aunt but honesty is the best policy.

    (hehe, pics are funny!)
    Marian ^_^ x

    Oh and I have never seen the rise of the guardians.....

    1. whaaaaat? Omg, you have to watch rise of the guardians asap! Cuz it's awesome!!!

      And yeah, I ended up telling my friend and she was really understanding. I was just worried because I didn't want it to see like I was trying to turn her against the other girl. :P
      It all worked out though!

  5. Congrats on passing physics! And as for the thing with your boss, all you have to remember is that they are your boss, sometimes they like you, sometimes they don't, but all in all, if they still have you working for them, you're definitely doing something right!

    I agree with Marian about your old friend, and glad you told her and it all worked out!

    Good luck with the gym membership too!


    1. Thanks! :)
      and yeah, I guess It's all good since i haven't been fired yet! haha :)