Monday, 22 April 2013


So there are a few things I need to scramble together in today's post, so hang tight and please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times!

Numero Uno: You may have noticed by now, but this is a different font. Yes, this is Helvetica. Why did I change my font, you may be asking. Well, because everyone gets bored of Times New Roman some times! (And, truthfully, because I finally figured out what all the buttons do at the top when I was fiddling around trying to fix that stupid white box that appeared in my last post.)

Dos: A BIG BIG hug to everyone who wished my luck on my physics exam! It really helped. Also, I have a new lucky sweater to go along with my lucky socks. 

Tres: For my job interview which is on thursday, I need to have a two minute speech prepared on any topic I like so they can evaluate my public speaking skills. OMG! I need your help deciding what to write about. I need to be something I'm passionate about so I can do a good job but these are the only things I'm passionate about:

- Good books
- Jennifer Lawrence
- Disney movies
- Harry Potter
- Hating Twilight

But um, which of those is going to impress my possible future-employers??? Although, once in grade eleven, I wrote a kick-ass essay on why Harry Potter is Better than Twilight. And I got a really good mark on it too! Plus my teacher hadn't read either series so wasn't biased at all. Proudest moment of my life... no big deal. 

Cuatro: I have been meaning to tell you this for a while, but somehow it just slipped my mind completely until now! I have an Instagram!!! This is where I post my amateur photography like:

If you also have an IG you can follow me @if_i_dare and I will follow you back if you post your username in the comments below! :) 

Cinco: Contrary to what you might believe based on my wonderful counting skills, I don't speak a lick of spanish! :P

Whatever 'six' is in spanish: I thought you might like to know, but the whole time I was writing this post, I had Fergalicious playing in my head. You at the beginning when the rapper guy goes "Uno, dos, tres, cuatro!" and then the song starts playing? Yeah... I'm not weird at all.

Love you all!

- Dare


  1. Hehe....
    a very belated good luck in your physics test that I assume you already had... ... :P
    another best of luck for your interview, your speech debating Harry against twilight sounds intriguing but i'm not sure if employers will feel as strongly as you or I.
    and I don't speak Spanish either so I can't help you with the number 6 XD
    Marian ^_^
    p.s. is instagram worth joining?

    1. Thank you :) Haha!
      Is instagram worth it? Well, it's worth it to follow me! I'm kidding! :P Well, when I joined instagram 2 ish years ago, it was a photography sharing device for the amateur photographer. I didn't know any one else that had it, but it was cool because people would follow you just because they liked your photos. Now, however, it has turned into more of a facebook typed social media network where people only follow people they know and post pictures of their breakfasts coupled with silly sounding hash-tags. So I'd say it's not really worth it now unless you know other people that have it.

      Sorry for the paragraph :P lol

  2. 6 is seis guys…great post Dare!
    -DP :)

    I bought my sis a a stuffy of him for Christmas :)
    Also, I think you should do your talky thing on HP or Disney, because usually them people dislike hearing about hating things (and by now, especially twilight)
    I can count to three in German :P
    Ein, Zwei, Drei
    And this is because of anime... I honestly don't understand the Japanese obsession with German 1,2,3s :S

    1. I love perry the platypus! I wish I had a plush toy of perry! but the disney story in my town went out of business right when I was about to go buy one :(

      That's pretty cool. I don't know any german but I can speak a very VERY small bit of french. I have a friend who can speak german though, but he was born in germany!

    2. I don't speak German either lol. Just those three numbers...
      I AM fluent in french tho! In fact, I plan on doing an exchange trip this summer to France. I dunno how it's work out, but it certainly shoes the advantages to being bilingual.

    3. That would be fun! one of my friends did an exchange to france and she loved it!

  4. I liked your lucky sweater a lot! It´s so cute!!! I really like Twilight... just saying.. :D
    Great post!!

    1. Thanks! And I can't judge you because I used to like twilight too. You're talking to the former Mrs. Edward Cullen here! :P