Sunday, 10 March 2013

Today was awesome!

Why was today awesome, you ask? Shall I count the ways?

1) I bought a book! A real life, honest-to-gosh book that I can hold and read over and over and over again. And smell. (I'm not the only one who loves the smell of books, right?) I don't have to return it to the library, and it doesn't expire in 21 days. I don't even feel bad about spending money because it was on a gift card (and I still have 5 bucks left)! Guess what book it is? Perfect Scoundrels by Ally Carter!!! If you haven't read the Heist Society series, I highly recommend it! I mean, who doesn't want to read about teenage criminals who can pull of the biggest heists this century has ever seen? No one, that's who.

2) My brother is visiting me for the whole weekend! I'm super excited to have him here and I think he's pretty excited to see what university-life is like. Minus the actual work part, though. Actually, he gets to come to two of my classes with me tomorrow morning! 

3) Since my brother has never had Menchies before, I decided we absolutely HAD to go. Three words for you: Cake Batter Fro-Yo... and chocolate chips, score bits, cookie dough chunks, carmel sauce, and chocolate sauce! Okay, so maybe that's more that three words but I just had to express my love for the best frozen yogurt bar on the planet. My brother loved it too and even agreed to try and convince our mother to stop rolling her eyes every time I rave about it!

4) After stuffing ourselves with fro-yo, my brother and I decided to grab tea. And what better to wash down cake batter yogurt with than red velvet cake tea? From David's Tea, of course! Neither myself nor my brother, had ever been to a David's tea before and we were both extremely happy with the experience. We're already planning our next trip!

5) My brother is taking me out to dinner tonight! No caff food for me!

6) It's warm, like 7 degrees outside! Ok, so I know that's not that warm. But's it's only March. In Canada. I've already put away my winter coat!

Hope you are all having awesome days too! 


  1. Perfect Scoundrals is amazing! I just finished it and i just want to read it all over again! You're gonna love it xox

  2. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I want to read Perfect Scoundrels so BADLY! :D You know... there's also a book, where Ally Carter combines the worlds of Gallagher Girls AND Heist Society into one. Book. Can you imagine the awesome?!

    Have fun with your brother, Dare. It's awesome when siblings visit. :D (I've never had menchies either. They sound good though.)

    lol isn't it funny how different places view temperature? I live in the mountains, and we get snow and cold weather a lot in the winter. But we view 7 degrees as freezing. Do Canadians measure temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius?

    Let me know how that Heist book is. I'm so excited for it. :D

    1. Oh. My. Gosh. I NEED that book! Will be googling that ASAP!
      Celsius, 7 degrees fahrenheit is freezing! Even for Canadians. (Or at least me, I've always believed I was made for more tropical climates!)