Thursday, 7 March 2013

Some Doodles

As per request, here are some more of my sketches. I hope you like them! (I just took the pictures from my "Doodle Book" so they are on lined paper.)

I went through this phase where I was just obsessed with drawing feathers. This is the product of that. I tend to draw flow-y things such as feathers, hair, or dresses.

This one was mainly just fun. Those swirly things are so easy to do (even though they look complicated). I once spent an entire physics class just filling up a page with those.

Obviously my inspiration here was Ariel from Disney's the Little Mermaid! Mermaids are fun to draw because of the hair. 

This is Rapunzel, inspired by the movie Tangled. I think you'll see that disney is a big inspiration for me :)

This one is Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, I was feeling a little homesick and listening to Marianas Trench No Place Like Home when this popped into my head.

Hair inspired by Brave. Didn't exactly turn out the way I wanted, though.

Wall-E :) This movie was so cute! I actually submitted this for house clothing design competition. I came second; apparently it was too complicated to have printed on t-shirts :P

This one is actually only half finished, just because I got kind of frustrated with it. The air pixie is my favourite, just because she turned out much nicer. Also, notice how in each one, their hair covers half their face? Yeah, that's because I was having a bad nose and mouth day.


  1. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOOW! You are really good, Dare! :) Wall-E!? I kind of stink at copying things.

    I LOVE drawing hair. Well... when I have time. Mermaids ARE fun because hair goes everywhere... windy days are fun too. Especially if you're doing fantasy. :D

    Loved this. :D


  2. Aw, thanks so much! <3 :)

  3. THOSE FEATHERS. How do you do feathers so nicely??? My feathers always suck...

    1. Thanks! I don't know, flowy things just come naturally to me. Try using a really sharp 2H pencil to make distinct, fine lines.

    2. Hmm I'm sorta opposite. I can't draw proper hair to save my life -.- But I'm good at flowers and stuff. Cause the edges are always sharp and nice. One thing that's fun to draw for that is snakes :)

  4. Love these pictures and doodles! They're brilliant :) I particularly like the 'Hi, I'm Awkward' doodle, I should get that on a t-shirt haha
    Keep up the amazing work, you have talent!
    ~ Liv x