Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Oh. Em. Gee.

I have no words.

Ok, I kind of have words but they sound a little something like this:


That was my reaction to episode 98. Followed by repeatedly raping the replay button. I'm sorry but ... OMG, the FEELS!

Have you seen the Lizzie Bennet Diaries? No!? OMG* you absolutely have to watch it! Go! Right now! I'll even post the the link to the first episode right .... here! They are a vlog-style, modern retelling and hilarious adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Not convinced yet? Oh, just go watch them!

... Are you in love yet? I know I am! Because what's not to love when there's a little bit of this:

Some of this:

A lot of this:

Oh, and this. Yeah, we can't forget about this:

OMG! These are so amazing, funny, and super addicting! I watched all the episodes straight in a row! Not kidding.

But now I'm all caught up, and it's telling me I have to wait until Monday to see the next episode! Like, WHAT? This is so not fair. I need to know what happens NOW! Replaying episode 98 will not keep me satisfied for much longer!

These make me want to read Pride and Prejudice so so so badly! And I've tried the classics thing before, A Tale of Two Cities, Jane Eyre... much too wordy for me. But I absolutely must get my hands on a Jane Austen book right this instant! I'm sure my mom has a copy lying around somewhere...

*I would like to apologize for the amount of time I said "OMG" and typed in caps in this post. Those are just unfortunate side affects of fangirl-ing.


  1. I freaking LOVE LBD!!!!!!!! I just wish they had developed Darcy and Lizzie's relationship a little more. And episode ninety eight WAS CUTEEEEE. I hate Wickham so much.

  2. And oh, did you see the questions and answers #10 with Darcy? The end of that one I was like, "YESSSS"

    1. I hate Wickham too! But his abs... OMG. And yes I just watched the ending of that Q and A like 10 times!!! AHHH! I cannot wait for the next episode. Waiting is torture! Pure torture!

  3. I watched 22 episodes of Lizzie Bennent in 2 nights. they are so addictive :) I really enjoy them.

    When she said "Gay serial killer" I thought of Moriarty from BBC Sherlock *Grin*

    1. Haha! They are extremely addictive. I nearly cried when I realized the next episode is coming out 9am PST, which means I have to wait until 12 EST!! :,(