Tuesday, 19 February 2013

I wasn't kidding about the dentist...

Hello all!

Not going to lie, I was a little disappointed that yesterday I didn't even get one follower... until I was informed that I didn't even have a follower button! Who knew? I googled how to get one of those (gotta love Google) so feel free to follow if you like my blog! I'd much appreciate it!

So if you read my post from yesterday, you might remember a small blurb about how how I hate going to the dentist. I wasn't kidding. Guess where I just got back from?! If you said "the Dentist's", BINGO! Now, I wonder how many of you are like me and despise going to the dentist, because I do know people - believe it or not - that smell that distinct rubbery, clean smell and go "Mmm, smells like a dentist's office!" (The same smell that in me triggers a gag reflex). My mother, for instance, loves going to the dentist. She has exclaimed on more that one occasion that if she had enough money, she would hire a dentist to clean her teeth every day, instead of actually brushing them herself. Why you would willing subject yourself to having your gums painfully poked and prodded, your own saliva splashed on your face, and someone else's hands shoved in your mouth along with about a million tubes, I have no idea. It's just awkward. What do you do with your tongue? When are you allowed to swallow? And why on earth would you try to talk to me while your shoving sharp metal objects in my mouth? "How's your reading week going, hun?" "Arghailkjgahfd."

Feel free to comment your thoughts on going to the dentist below! I'd love to hear from you guys :)

- Dare


  1. Hiya, thanks for following me blog. I will follow you back but the follow widget isn't coming up..... maybe it's just me. The internet isn't working great so I'll be back very soon to see if it's after appearing.
    For me the dentist isn't something I look forward to. Actually my dentist died so I don't have anywhere to go at the moment.... ^_^
    Era I'll find a new one somewhere!
    I've never had braces or any bad experience with the dentist so i'm not that bothered. Although needles are another story. I had a panic atack two years ago when I had to get one for the swine fly that I was monitered for an hour after!!!
    Marian ^_^ x

    1. Hey there! No problem! And thank you! I really hope I set up the "follow button" right :P
      Quite truthfully, I've never had a traumatizing experience at the dentist's either... well, one that I can remember. I just hate it... lol!
      Needles actually don't really bother me much. It's because when I was little, I was the kid who was always trying to one-up/ out-do everyone else and I had this one friend who was terrified by needles so obviously on flu shot day at school when she was freaking out, I had to be all tough-guy be like "Meh, needles don't even bother me! Can't even feel them." And I kept a straight face the entire time while she watched me from the blue mat (where people who nearly pass out are forced to go sit and drink a juice box). Not surprisingly, this attitude lead to me being able to do lots of weird things, including being able to eat hot peppers straight from the jar. :P
      Sorry, here I go writing you a novel!
      TTFN! :)

    2. Oooh, the follow button has appeared! ^_^

      I just re read my last comment and the amount of spelling mistakes!

    3. Yay! I'm so glad it worked! Thanks for the follow!! :)

  2. Urgh I hate the dentist! I used to love it... And then I had a 'traumatic experience'. Yeah, at the age of 10 I ran into a tree and cracked a tooth in half... I had to have it taken out. But that's not all! My evil dentist, instead of just pulling the tooth out, decided to twist it until it came out. Oh how it hurt!

  3. Ouch! :S That sounds horrible!