Monday, 18 February 2013

Dear People of the Internet,

"Dear People of the Internet" ... Okay, now that I've actually typed that it sounds a little dorky. I mean, it's not like everyone on the internet is going to read this. Heck, no one's probably going to read this! Whatever, it's my title and I like it. (I promise I'm not usually this geeky... well kinda.) What are you supposed to title your FIRST EVER blog post anyways? And - oh gosh! - what am I even supposed to write about?!

I suppose I should start with an introduction and I should probably explain to you why I decided to start this blog. Okay, so my name is Dare and I'm 18 years old. My dog and brother are my best friends (confrontation with real people makes me awkward). I love art, though the only thing I'm good at drawing are eyes (and, oddly enough, only the left ones). I'm happiest with a book in one hand and a Starbucks Skinny Hazelnut Latte in the other. My top three favourite authors are J.K. Rowling, Meg Cabot, and Richelle Mead. (Obviously, there are many more but I could literally spend all day discussing my favourite authors and by that time I'd probably have bored you all to death. Perhaps for another post.) I love, love, love, LOVE reading, hence, my life's goal is to become an author (and to find happiness, of course). Other than the fact that I will be a famous author someday, I have no clue how I'm going to get there, nor do I know what the heck I'm doing with my life.

Now, as to why I decided to write a blog. My whole life, I've struggled with various issues. For instance: anger-managment issues, depression, severe body image issues, eating disorders, self-harm, and to top it all off, I live in an extremely messed up family. I'm not telling you this because I'm looking for attention or because I want your pity. I'm telling you because I want to recover. I have issues. We all do, and I'm starting to come to terms with the fact that I'm not alone in this. And that is why I'm reaching out to you guys, the people of the internet. I figure if I tell you, I will have to prove to you that I can recover. And I will. I just need someone to believe in me.

This blog will probably consist of the various ramblings of my brain and I promise all most of it will make sense! (There should be a big, yellow warning sign, "CAUTION: Word Vomit Ahead"). I'll even try my hardest to be funny sometimes! I promise it wont all be about my "road to recovery". There may be a bit about my favourite books, movies, and T.V. shows, my fear of the dentist, or my distaste for that guy with the five-minute-long, tongue twister order that holds up the line at Starbucks. There will probably be a lot about my baby-angle-face puppy, Wesley (I apologize in advance). I guess you could just classify this as a "life blog".

So there you have it! Welcome to the simple blog about my not-so-simple life! I hope you enjoy.


P.S. Any tips on how this "blogging" thing works would be much appreciated!


  1. Heya! I saw that you followed my blog and popped over to say thanks. :D Then I read your whole post. And I like it. ^_^ Congratulations on your first post!
    Here's your first comment, and your first follower once you get a "follow" button up....sadly, I don't know how to do that, so I can't give any advice as far as that goes. So, I'm bookmarking your page for now. :) <3
    Thanks again for the follow, and I'm excited to read your future posts!

    1. Hi! Thanks so much! Wow, I didn't even know I didn't have a follow button :P I'm going to have to google how to get one of those. I was wondering why I had not followers, lol! Thanks :)